Order, UnZip, Upload

You don't need to be a web designer to install and set-up your website -- all you need are basic web skills. If you can use a browser, use an e-mail program, and use a word processor, you can quickly add content to your pages in real time.

Installing is as easy as unzipping your DMXReady SiteKit file into your Local Site (i.e. c:\My Documents\My Site) and then uploading to your server using any FTP program. Go to your website through any standard web browser, click the Admin link at the bottom right, and start adding your content. You can have your website template up in minutes after your purchase!


  • ASP-Enabled Web Hosting
  • Any Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
  • Your Own Creativity

Not Required:

  • HTML Editing Program (Dreamweaver, PageMaker)
  • Previous Design Experience

DMXReady SiteKit is simply the easiest way to get your web presence up and running today!



DMXReady + You = Easy-to-Build Websites!