Advanced Customization

Like all DMXReady applications, DMXReady Website Kit is fully customizable. Its open-source VBScript, JavaScript, and HTML code can be edited using Dreamweaver or any other advanced HTML editor. DMXReady encourages customization and experimentation!

Sound scary? It doesn't have to be. Hundreds of people over the years have learned how to use scripts and advanced HTML code simply by modifying their DMXReady apps. If you have the time and the desire, you too can learn how to customize your DMXReady Website Kit from the ground up.

Remember, you do not need to know how to script or code to use DMXReady Website Kit. Everything the beginner to the web professional needs to build a fully-functional website is included in the Website Kit. But just like a car, you can drive and never look under the hood, or strip it down and see how it ticks! With DMXReady, you are always in full control.

(DMXReady Designer's Tip: Save a copy before you experiment. As long as you have a backup copy of DMXReady Website Kit safely tucked away on your hard drive, you can never make an irreversible mistake. When you do customize your scripts, save you changes and check the results often. With ASP-based pages, you will have to actually upload your changes and view through a browser - "Preview" will not display your page because they rely on the host server to operate properly. Find out more by searching for "ASP scripting tutorial" on any search engine.)



DMXReady + You = Easy-to-Build Websites!