Use CSS Styles to Change the Look and Feel of Your Website

Professional web designers use CSS styles (or "Cascading Style Sheets") to control the look and feel of many aspects of their websites. These styles or "tags" can control the color of your background and text, control text size, control link attributes (hover, active, etc.) and even allow you to include background images.

Sound complicated? It isn't really. DMXReady SiteKit comes with a default style sheet that you can open and edit using any HTML editor or WordPad. Just open the file, make your changes, and upload it. You'll see your changes as soon as you hit the "Refresh" button!

In the figure above, the Date is currently set to display in white letters (#FFFFFF). You can change this to black lettering (#000000), blue (#000FF), or any other color you like. A search for "Hex Color Chart" on any search engine will give you dozens of websites where you can see the color and the corresponding hex value -- just find the color you like and then replace the default hex value with your own. It's that easy!

With DMXReady SiteKit, you can control all sections of your website including the top masthead, side menu bar, and the main body of the text:

Use your own color scheme to make your website feel more like home!

(DMXReady Designer's Tip: Keep you selection of main colors simple. By using only two or three main colors, you increase the impact of your site. Using too many colors may visually confuse your visitors and make it hard to read your content. If you absolutely have to use more than three colors, use a neutral color like grey (#CCCCCC). A great way to keep the "visulal flow" is to use the same colors as your logo.)


DMXReady + You = Easy-to-Build Websites!