Using a Website Template

You can easily add the DMXReady Website Kit in any website template using Macromedia Dreamweaver (or other web editor). Since every web template is different, the information below is general; you will need to adapt these instructions to meet the design layout of your particular website template.

DMXReady Website Kit comes pre-assembled in the index.asp file, located in the root file of your Local and Remote site (i.e. If you open this file and go to Code View, you'll notice that it is made up of a table and several other asp files, including those listed on the Site Architecture graphic (see below).

You can change the structure of this index page by moving any or all of these include files. For example, you may wish to have links at the bottom of your page instead of a footer. You can easily do this by changing the inc_footer.asp page to inc_menu_top. You can also change the side menu to the right side of the page, delete the masthead, add new tables -- you get the idea. Once you have made your changes, you can save the file and upload it to your server. All of your pages will now be displayed using your new design, including any new pages you may create.

DMXReady Website Kit in any website template follows the same principle. Simply open the website template page in Dreamweaver. Most templates include pre-built tables and you may find it easier to simply add each include file into a free cell. If your website has a column on the left side for links, click on the top of cell, switch to Code View, and include the inc-menu_side.asp file (i.e. ). You can choose to keep any other content including text or images that are already in the side menu, or delete them altogether -- use your creativity to build the optimum.